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DuctPro Duct system Inspection Service
"Let's take a good look...together"

How dirty are YOUR ducts? Are they in good repair?Video inspection tools

Why does that filter get so dirty? Is it the right filter?

Did an animal or object disappear into a vent?

Not sure why you have poor air flow in a particular room?

We understand you could have several reasons for wanting to see inside your air duct system. You might be uncertain if your ductwork is actually dirty enough to NEED a A/C coil is inspectedcleaning. You may have seen something (or several ‘somethings’) disappear into a register opening. Maybe you have a weird and awful smell coming from your vents. You might have had your ducts cleaned by another provider but you’re not sure whether they did a good job on the cleaning. Whatever your reason, you can get a thorough DuctPro Duct System Inspection before getting your system cleaned.

We call this service our Duct System Inspection. If we do this inspection in your home, we will provide you with a written report on the cleanliness of your systems and we will suggest any cleaning services that you may find helpful. If there is a need, we may also refer you to another area service provider for beneficial services that we do not perform.

In order to be completely thorough, our Duct System Inspection includes visually inspecting the interior surfaces of both the supply and the return air ducts. If necessary, we may create one or two access openings in your ducts to do a complete inspection. Those access openings will be sealed and secured afterward. As a part of the Duct System Inspection we also visually inspect the blower and blower compartment of Ducts are inspectedyour furnace, the A/C evaporator coil and the filter in each of your HVAC systems. Everything we inspect we show to you as we are carrying out the inspection, usually on a monitor using our exclusive DuctCam technology.

Your residential Duct System Inspection will typically take 30-45 minutes per system. The cost is $150 per residential system. Travel fees may apply to some areas. Customers who have this inspection service performed are eligible to receive $30 off a full DuctPro Duct System Cleaning if you have us perform the cleaning service within 30 days following the inspection.Ducts after cleaning

Commercial Duct System Inspection costs are quoted upon request.

So...why wait? Call DuctPro at 1-800-AIRDUCT (247-3828) for a Duct System Inspection TODAY!