Air Duct Cleaning Franchise

WHY BECOME a Safety King Affiliate?

Becoming a Safety King licensed affiliate provides you some valuable advantages over other business models. Here are just a few advantages of becoming a Safety King licensed affiliate.

Territory – At 250,000 households, we offer the largest territory that we are aware of. We want you to be able to grow your business into a multi-million dollar enterprise without losing adjacent territories or paying more fees just to expand. With our territories you should easily be able to grow to five trucks, or even more, and realize your business and sales goals for the immediate and distant future.

Fees – On a cost per household basis, our combined territory and franchise fees are substantially (40%) less than most of our competitors. Our ongoing fees are also less, and we dedicate a large percentage of these fees to national advertising and branding/name recognition.

Experience – Our founder, Michael S. Palazzolo, has 39 years in the business. Starting with a one-truck operation, Safety King, a DuctPro air duct cleaning franchise and our business model, now has 15 large vacuum trucks and a large cross-section of portable units. Through Safety King, Michael has provided business, sales and marketing training to owners and managers, as well as technical training to technicians from air duct cleaning companies all over the world. He has tracked the entire evolution of this industry from its infancy to where it is today. Being a founding member of NADCA, Michael has been responsible for establishing many of the industry standards as we know them today.

Training – As stated above, years of offering industry training have taught us the very best and most effective ways of conducting the various levels of air duct cleaning training needed to make your business successful. We have the programs and documentation you need to learn and maintain the highest level of knowledge for the air duct cleaning industry. Conducted in our state-of-the-art facility in southeast Michigan, the classroom training is second to none, only out-performed by our field training.
In the field, you go on actual jobs with NADCA certified technicians using the best equipment available. Our inventory of equipment also allows excellent training on all levels of vacuum equipment, from portable and midsize to the most powerful truck-mounted in the world.

Equipment – We specify and allow only the very best equipment in the industry. The years of operating a large air duct cleaning business have allowed us to test and evaluate all kinds of equipment from multiple suppliers enabling us to say, with conviction, what works and doesn’t, and what represents the best value for the dollar spent.

Support Services – To the best of our knowledge, we are the only franchise operation in this industry that sends a field manager to your business at least every other month, helping with sales or training, or both, as well as other areas in which you think we can help. We have weekly training sessions, excellent web support, and the most comprehensive sales and marketing program available in the industry. All employees will be trained to pass the NADCA technician test, regardless of whether they are employees from the start, or new technicians added along the way.

Sales and Marketing – We offer a multi-tiered and multi-faceted local sales and marketing plan with MSP Sales & Marketing that is geared toward developing business from multiple sources, helping you create a robust business mix. Again, years of testing sales techniques and equipment types have given us the absolute knowledge of what works and how much it costs. Our national fund shares the expense, from franchise to franchise, city to city, of promoting the name across the country, making DuctPro the commonly referred name among residential and commercial customers nationwide. 1-800-AIR-DUCT, our toll free number, is offered in every market as part of your air duct cleaning franchise package. The number will also be supported by national marketing and web presence to drive business to your local franchise outlet.

Why be just a duct cleaner when you could be a Safety King affiliate?
Air Duct Cleaning Excellence!