<empty>Initial Fees:

Franchise Fee: $25,000

This is the fee paid to us to establish your new outlet and includes your training, marketing materials, website, sales and marketing plan and training, equipment discounts, association memberships, etc.

Territory Fees:

$0.20 per household with per capita mean income exceeding $40,000 based on most recent U.S. Census data. Your territory is exclusive.

250,000 = $50,000 (most 1 million plus populations have approximately this number of qualifying households)

Ongoing Fees:

Sales and marketing fee: 3% of gross sales

This fee is dedicated exclusively to the cost associated to the national sales and marketing effort and promotion of the national name recognition, as well as the support for the local sales and marketing effort. 33% of your payments will be dedicated to your exclusive local market, and the balance will be dedicated to national promotion of the business including national account sales such as hotel, commercial building, and shopping mall accounts. The fee included trade show and trade publication expenses.

Franchise royalty: 4% of gross sales

This fee is paid to the franchiser to support operating expenses and profit.

-- Right of first refusal may be given for adjacent or related territories --