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Mission Statement:

Our goal at DuctPro is simple:
To provide the very finest air duct cleaning services available in our area.

Because we see this as our mission, we provide our service Technicians with:
The Best Equipment - Our power-vacuum trucks, on-board air compressors, and custom cleaning tools are the best that money can buy.
The Best Training - Every single one of our lead Technicians is NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) certified. We are the only local provider of air duct cleaning services that can say that.
The Strongest Management Support - Our Technicians know the company expects them to do whatever it takes and to take as much time as they need to deliver a totally thorough service.

DuctPro: We Specialize

We are a company that cleans ductwork, and does nothing else. One of the difficulties encountered by many service companies is that proficiency in several related services is required to be successful. For example, many heating and cooling companies offer duct cleaning as a supplemental service, but of course their primary business is installing and servicing heating and cooling equipment. For these companies, duct cleaning is not always given the attention it deserves. Often it is done by less experienced employees, and is almost always done with inferior equipment.

Mike Palazzolo is the owner of the company and he emphasizes that DuctPro is a company that does nothing but duct cleaning. No furnace installation or service, no maintenance of HVAC equipment, just duct cleaning. "We have learned to become specialists in duct cleaning," Palazzolo says. "We clean the arteries and veins of a home."

The Right Tools

Palazzolo started our company in 1969. Over the years, as better ways were devised to clean ductwork, and as cleaning equipment improved, it became more and more obvious how much dirt there actually was in ductwork. In an average home, the square footage of ductwork is roughly equal to the square footage of the smallest bedroom. We often suggest to our customers that they imagine that much space littered with dirt, dust, pet hair, and worse..

In 1984, Palazzolo began to offer a duct cleaning school which really took off in the 90s. It's a one-on-one, in the field, hands-on training taught by specialists for one week. DuctPro also offers complete marketing and business courses to help insure a successful air duct cleaning company from the start.

Keys to Success

DuctPro is easily rcognizable throughout the service area, thanks to our distinctively painted trucks. We advertise locally in print, on radio and on television, but our most important sources of new customers are the heating and cooling contractors in the area who do not perform duct cleaning themselves. They are happy to refer their customers who need duct cleaning to DuctPro because we don't steal their customers. We're not in the same business they are, so they get their customers back. Plus, their customers are satisfied and happy with the quality air duct cleaning work DuctPro has provided. We of course refer back to these same high-quality contractors when one of our customers mentions a need for HVAC installation or service.

Overall, though, Mike credits most of DuctPro's success to having excellent employees who, in addition to being well-trained for their jobs, are also by nature good communicators. "All of us here tend to like people," says Mike. "That's why we're in the service industry."