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You may be surprised to learn about the health problems and resulting quality of life concerns that are affected by what you breathe into your body. The EPA has determined that the air in your home is often more polluted than even the smoggiest big city air.

Your HVAC ventilation system can harbor dangerous molds and bacteria that affect people, especially children, older people, and those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other breathing illnesses. Studies have shown that even your sleep may be compromised by allergies and the quality of your indoor air.

Don’t jeopardize your family’s health by using an inexperienced, unqualified provider. According to the EPA an improper cleaning can actually make indoor air quality worse. The DuctPro air duct cleaning specialists are all individually certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They are also certified to clean other specialty ventilation systems such as exhaust ducts, dryer ducts, and air handlers. And only the DuctPro’s have the Duct-Cam® to show you that you have gotten the best duct cleaning. When you look at the choices out there one thing is very clear. There are lots of others who call themselves duct cleaners and then there is DuctPro!

Why call just a duct cleaner when you can call a Duct Pro!


Air Duct Pros!
We are a company that cleans ductwork, and does nothing else.

One of the difficulties encountered by many service companies is that proficiency in several related services is required to be successful. For example, many heating and cooling companies offer duct cleaning as a supplemental service, but of course their primary business is installing and servicing heating and cooling equipment. For these companies, duct cleaning is not always given the attention it deserves. Often it is done by less experienced employees, and is almost always done with inferior equipment.

"We have learned to become specialists in duct cleaning," Mike Palazzolo, founder of DuctPro, says. "We clean the arteries and veins of a home."
"Your company has the best technicians I've ever had in my home. They were courteous, professional and used drop cloths to protect my new hardwood floors. I'll be telling my friends how good you are."